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CBD and Sleep, Insomnia or Restless Legs
Considering taking CBD Oil for Sleep, Insomnia, and Restless Legs

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is vital for health and vitality and that getting good sleep leads to a better and more productive life. A cool dark room, no TV, Internet, or other stimulation is often recommended. Plus a good diet, active lifestyle, and setting a good nighttime routine have all been shown to aid in the important goal of deep restorative sleep. Because when we get good sleep our bodies and minds are healthier and this leads to a better all-around health profile, both physical and psychological.

But, what if you do all of the above but still can’t get the deep regenerative sleep that you need? Some people, even when they follow all of the known remedies to aid in healthy sleep still cannot fall asleep at the right time and wake up refreshed. For many people, this can be a very frustrating experience and in some extreme cases can also lead to; depression, anxiety, weight gain, lethargy, and other physical and mental ailments that can lead to many problems in life. You do everything you can, but good, uninterrupted, sleep eludes you. 

You can always try the many over the counter sleep aids that are popular and do work for some. You can even try the more potent prescription medications developed to aid in sleep. But, the side effects from these drugs can sometimes be worse than the debilitating lack of sleep, and in some extreme cases, people have reported difficulty in waking up on some prescription drugs and needing to take a prescription stimulant to become fully awake again. This is not a good road to go down and many people are looking for a safe, all natural alternative. Are you?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, attention lately as an all-natural health supplement aiding in relief from many ailments, both common and more serious. CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid (ECS) system and many think a highly functioning ECS could be the missing link between a healthy body in homeostasis and a sick body riddled with ailments.  

CBD Oil as a Sleep and Insomnia Aid

CBD, which is a component of the cannabis plant, has been reported to have a very soothing and calming effect on the body, potentially reducing stress and anxiety, and through supplementation of the ECS, allowing the body’s natural sleep receptors to take over and allowing the body to relax and help prepare it for sleep.  Thus, CBD products are great to help with sleep.

CBD is easy to take and many state that taking it in the evening can slowly start the relaxation and sleep process so that falling asleep, and staying asleep, becomes more natural and routine.

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